Yes, You Can Reverse Diabetes Through Diet

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, it sounded like a death sentence. My doctor and the American Diabetes Association articles I read seemed to indicate that diabetes is irreversible and the medicine is a lifetime commitment.

I also discovered the hard way that the medicine prescribed to help with the symptoms of diabetes will never cure the disease. In fact, over time the medicine will be increased and added to, until your kidneys and possibly your liver may be destroyed.

Fortunately, I am not one of those guys that believes everything I read on the internet. I’ve learned that just as lawyers make more money when you don’t understand their words, most doctors seem to believe they will only get rich when they can give you bad news. There are some very good doctors out there who really do want to help and I continue to look for them and listen to what they have to say.

My wife also started researching how to reverse diabetes, but since she is from Thailand, I had no idea what she was reading as it was all in Thai. Eventually, she informed me that she was going to Spicy Shrimp Currychange my diet and had ordered a cookbook to reverse diabetes. Of course, it is only in Thai and while I love her cooking, I have not been able to learn how to use the Thai spices.

Here is a short list of things to keep in mind to reverse your diabetes:

  • Find recipes you like – You won’t eat it if it doesn’t taste good to you
  • Find recipes you can follow – If a recipe is difficult or time-consuming, make it only for special occasions
  • Ingredients should be fresh – Processed foods have too many chemicals for healthy living
  • Shorter trips to the market – Don’t shop for two or three weeks worth of food
  • Eat more often – Eating more often can be much easier than you think

Reverse diabetes through diet – Find recipes you like

Each of us has different tastes, usually based on the foods we were given when growing up. Naturally, there are vast numbers of ideas on what tastes good and what does not and just because you get older, does not mean you will ever like some things you were made to eat when growing up.

Now, it is important to note that not everything that tastes good is bad for you, but it sure seems like it. I did find that there are different types of sweeteners that are more healthy and less likely to increase my blood sugar. Instead of refined sugar, I can use maple sugar or maple syrup in small doses and sometimes, I can use a few slices of over ripe banana or coconut nectar as well.

That being said, I don’t really go for the sweets most of the time – My downfall has always been the fried or high carbohydrate gut busters like chili cheese fries and mashed potatoes with gravy.

Of course, I do my best to stay away from these foods but in order to stay consistent, it is important to find healthy food that tastes good, so you will want to eat it.

Reverse diabetes through diet – Find recipes you can follow

Probably the second most important aspect of eating healthy I found in my quest to reverse diabetes is making it easier for me to make the recipes I will eat.

I found that the easier and quicker it is for me to put together my meals, the more likely I am to follow the diet I need. If the recipe takes more than 30 minutes to prepare from start to finish, it probably won’t be one I use very often for myself. Sure, I am happy to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare a big meal for family and friends, but for myself it needs to be as easy as possible or I just won’t do it.

Unfortunately, I found that those so-called “healthy” meals in the freezer section of the supermarket are not good for you because of the amount of salt and other chemicals used to keep the flavor “fresh”.

Spicing up a recipe with fresh chilies tastes so much better than the powders and other processed spices found in the spices section at the store. There are hundreds of different chilies available Variety of Chili Pepperswith fantastic flavors ranging from the sweet to very hot, and it can be exciting learning what the different chilies taste like.

Reverse diabetes through diet – Ingredients should be fresh

The best way I found to make my diet taste good is to use fresh ingredients as much as possible.

It is true that I will cheat with canned beans if I am doing something with beans, but I discovered that I feel so much better the more I keep away from the processed foods. Experience has proven to me that fresh foods are just easier for the digestion and the effect has been a loss of body fat and a steady reversal of my diabetes.

An added plus to using fresh produce especially has been a lower cost of food in the house.

Reverse diabetes through diet – Shorter trips to the market

Since we started using fresh produce only, I found that large shopping trips are a thing of the past. Fresh vegetable and fruit do not stay fresh for very long, so it has been necessary to purchase small batches more often so the produce does not spoil.

Of course now, there is less left over food and each meal is fresh or mostly so. This allows for much better flavor and much better enjoyment of the foods eaten to control and reverse my diabetes.

Reverse diabetes through diet – Eat more often

I had a doctor tell me once to eat only once per day, and that sounded reasonable, so I tried it. Unfortunately with diabetes, blood sugar tends to go up with fasting, so within a few days, my blood sugar was dangerously high.

What I found is the best way to control my diabetes, is to eat 5 to 6 small meals every day. I have read many articles indicating that this habit may also help increase the bodies metabolism which will help in weight loss and improve energy production.

This sounds difficult, and was a little daunting at first, but most of the meals can be prepared when cooking your evening or main meal of the day. Remember, these small meals will only be about two cups each, so it won’t get crazy and once in the habit of doing it, it becomes easy.

Take it slow and make it last

The human body is a miracle machine that can repair itself when treated properly.

Just remember to be patient with yourself. In all likelihood, you earned your condition, as I did, through years of unhealthy habits: eating too much of the carbohydrate and sugar rich foods we love. This means it will probably take years for your body to recover from all the damage you have done to it.

That being said, it is never too late to start eating healthy and treating you body the best way it should be – With the proper diet, you can and will be healthier and yes, it is very possible you can reverse your diabetes.

2 thoughts on “Yes, You Can Reverse Diabetes Through Diet”

  • Hey Shawn,
    I enjoyed reading your article! I had a grandfather and my aunt currently suffer from diabetes so I know how debilitating it can be.

    Sounds like fresh food is something you have found has helped you get a lot better. Are you able to eat carbs just fine? And if so, what is your opinion on raw honey or real maple syrup for those having diabetes?

    Blessings & Grace,


    • Thank you for your feedback Jesse – These are questions I will be dealing with in more detail as I am able to write and post more articles on this subject.

      To answer quickly though, carbs must be managed carefully and some, like french fries and potato chips, are actually dangerous, even for those who do not have diabetes. I will spend some time in the future going over the carbohydrate options as we do need carbohydrates in our diet for proper health.

      As for raw honey and real maple syrup – These are options I do use in moderation as they are safer than refined sugar. I do plan on writing an article at some point detailing the various sugars and which are the least damaging.

      God bless you – Thank you,

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