Natural Ways to Reverse Diabetes

With much research, experimentation and time, I have found there are many natural ways to reverse diabetes. The key is to remember that you are working not just to extend your life, but to become healthy once again.

I once took a six-week boot camp challenge to lose 20lbs in six weeks. While I did succeed, the most important thing I learned is that our diet is 80% to 90% of what we make of our bodies. Fortunately for me since I cannot exercise like that anymore and my body doesn’t heal like it did when I was in my 40s.

Every trainer I ever met has his or her own ideas of what the best diet is, and I won’t argue with any of them. What I realized is that all the trainers have their diet, based on their own metabolism and taste buds.

In a previous post, I mentioned my wife and the research she undertook on my behalf – It was mostly her efforts to prove to me my doctors have been wrong – She did.

Below are the natural ways I used to reverse my diabetes:

Dramatic and immediate system shock

The first thing I did was to follow a very strict diet my wife put together for me.

Every night before going to bed, she cut up fresh vegetables and fruit and put them in a blender that went into the refrigerator for me in the morning. Here is the recipe she got from a Thai doctor who reversed her own diabetes in the same way:First Meal of the Day

      • 1 Granny Smith apple (with the peel)
      • 1 banana
      • 1 lemon (with the peel) or 1 peeled lime
      • 1 cup kale or spinach
      • 1 cup broccoli
      • 1 cup celery
      • 2 peeled kiwi

Every morning for five months, I added 1 heaping tsp of cinnamon and 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar and filled it with water before blending it till smooth. That smoothie, along with a boiled egg, was my breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday. Plus, I used it for mid meal snacks if I got hungry – The blended smoothie was 64oz, so there was enough for the day.

I found that by dinner time, I had already had so much that I was unable to eat large meals for dinner. In fact, I very often just had some herbal tea during the evening hours before bed.

On Sundays, I ate whatever I wanted, but most of the time I wanted to stay consistent with the program, usually eating salads. I did splurge with a steak sometimes, but not often and I found that to be okay.

After four months, I had lost 40lbs and felt better than I have in years – My blood sugars were under control with no medicine and very little exercise.

Dieting can still include food that tastes good

Once I got down to a weight I have not seen in over two decades and my weight loss tapered off, I switched my diet to include actual meals for lunch and dinner. I still have a smoothie for breakfast and have maintained the control over my blood sugar for almost a year now.

The key to all of this is to be consistent with my diet, eating regular small meals for lunch and dinner. I also snack on celery or carrots with a handful of nuts I roast myself.

For lunch, I like soup made with fresh vegetables and meat with no starchy ingredients. I usually do not add rice, pasta or potatoes and I very often substitute meat with beans. My favorite way to make soups flavorful is to use fresh chilies – If you can, fresh from the garden is best, but supermarkets today have large varieties we did not know about 20 years ago.Chinese Broccoli

For dinner, my wife will usually make some Thai fish, chicken or pork dish spiced with garlic and chilies or curry and she steams Chinese broccoli to go with it. I found that I can fill up on broccoli and it is something I love.

When my wife does not feel like cooking, my go to meal is baked salmon with steamed asparagus. I love asparagus that is just cooked, so that it has texture and is still a bright green.

Natural ways to reverse diabetes – Carbohydrates

One of the things I had to learn about, and the newest thing for me to follow was regarding eating carbs. I kept hearing, “Don’t eat carbs, they just turn to sugar.” and “You can’t eat carbs, they just make you fat again.”

It turns out that carbohydrates are a necessity for our health and giving up carbs altogether is almost impossible, and some carbs are very healthy even for the diabetic. Unfortunately, here in the US, we eat fried food a lot and those fried foods tend to be dangerous carbs – French fries, chips of any kind, and we add butter to our baked potatoes and otherwise healthy vegetables.

It turns out, eating high doses of carbohydrates is not a problem, it’s how we prepare them and eat them. Anything fried in any type of oil will not be processed properly in our bodies and in the case of carbohydrates, can turn the gene that causes diabetes on.

So, after shocking my system back to its healthy self, I do eat rice and beans, and I even eat pasta and potatoes. What I’ve done is keep the fried foods out of my diet which means no chips, no fries, no fried chicken, and I stay away from bread as much as possible. I do eat the weekly donut at church though – Deprivation is just not in me:~)

Natural ways to reverse diabetes – Protein

Protein is very important for the production of energy and your body uses protein in conjunction with carbohydrates to keep things balanced.

My personal experience has led me to believe that the fewer animal proteins I eat, the easier it is for my body to process what I eat and the better I feel. I am not a vegetarian, but I am much healthier now that I eat mostly vegetables with fewer meats.

Beans, nuts, peas and Greek yogurt are some of the best tasting and easiest to prepare protein rich vegetarian foods I have found. I realize Greek yogurt is usually a dairy product, but it is strained so much that much of the animal fats are totally removed.Fresh Firm Tofu

Tofu is also good, but I found that to my taste buds, not all tofu is equal and some types of tofu are really bad. I found that many Asian grocery stores carry firm tofu that is fresh, usually still warm from the kitchen, and tastes good in soups. The soft tofu tends to make me gag and ruins any dish – I do have friends who like it, but taste is subjective.

I mentioned boiled eggs earlier, and that is because eggs are such a complete protein source with so little fat that I must recommend them. I have vegetarian friends who still eat eggs, simply because of the health aspects. Eggs can be boiled, poached, baked or added to a soup or casserole and I have never found reason to complain. The main thing to remember is to not fry your eggs.

Oh, yes I still have an occasional steak, but I did use to eat steak 4 to 5 times a week – Now, it is maybe once per month. I do not believe God meant for us to ignore his gifts, and steak is most definitely a gift from God.

Do not starve yourself

Another important factor I have learned to help with reversing my diabetes naturally is to make sure I don’t wait until I am really hungry before eating.

I found that when I limit the number of meals I eat and let myself get really hungry before eating, my weight loss comes to a halt. This means that my metabolism has slowed again and the only natural way to kick start it again is to eat more.

Healthy SnackThis is why the late morning and afternoon snacks are so important. The more natural, healthy foods, like fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts you eat, the faster your metabolism will speed up to handle the intake.

It is very important to not stuff yourself either. The diet of smoothies my wife had me on really helped me to learn to identify my stomach’s needs. I proved to myself that eating in this way really does improve the metabolism which in turn helped me lose weight and naturally reverse my diabetes.

Bottom line to reverse diabetes naturally

From my experience, here is how to reverse diabetes naturally:

  • Since you spent years training your body to be diabetic, it may very well take a ‘system-shock’ to reset and allow it to become the healthy integrated system it is supposed to be.
  • Remember, you will not keep eating what you don’t like so always make food that tastes good to you – It may take you some time and experimentation to figure it out, but that can be fun too.
  • It is important to eat carbs – Carbohydrates are one of the main building blocks of body tissue and your body will not function properly without them. Just watch to make sure you are not eating fried carbs.
  • Without protein, your body will have a hard time producing energy without regular intake of complete proteins. Just remember to keep the animal proteins to a minimum – This will also help you keep the animal fats to a minimum.
  • Don’t go hungry – Hunger is a form of pain your body produces to let you know it needs you to provide it with nutrients soon. Remember that if you go hungry too often, your body will slow itself down and start storing fats for future use and that is one of the things that got me into this situation in the first place.

Remember, your body is an amazing machine God designed to function well on its own. So if you spend more than 10% of your day worrying about your diet, you’re probably working too hard.

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